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The South African Human Rights Commission says it has noted with concern the growing number of acts of intimidation circulating on social media threatening civil society organisations in the country. Civil society organisations are being targeted for going out of their way to protect the violations of human rights of some of the most vulnerable inhabitants of this country.

The Commission added that direct as well as social media threats have been issued recently against members of civil society organisations who have instituted litigations either to protect the rights of migrants or to stop the violence against them.

“It is appalling that some South Africans want to deny this constitutional right through the threat of violence and indirectly prevent the courts from doing what they were established to do. This is a sign of a deterioration of our democracy in this country. Some people do not want the rule of law to reign and the instruments designed to uphold that rule of law to function in this country”.

Acting Communications Coordinator Wisane Baloyi said it must be stressed that civil society organisations together with Chapter Nine institutions play a critical role as watchdogs of the South African democratic dispensation. “Furthermore, civil society organisations are on the ground with the general population. They gather research to help the country by highlighting human rights challenges faced by the poor and marginalised and suggesting mechanisms to solve them”.

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