“Former President Zuma trying to get President Ramaphosa out of Luthuli house”

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Former President Jacob Zuma is a very selfish demagogue who doesn’t care about the damage that he is causing to the economy and the image of the country with his selfish and destructive court action against President Ramaphosa. This is the sentiment of COPE Spokesperson Dennis Bloem.

“Zuma and his RET faction in the ANC are trying every trick in the book to get President Ramaphosa out of Luthuli House and the Union Buildings”.

Bloem said the latest attempt of Jacob Zuma’s Private Prosecution against President Ramaphosa is nothing else but to divert President Ramaphosa’s attention away from the real issues that need urgent attention. “The country is in a serious economic crisis that was caused by nine years of mismanagement by Jacob Zuma, and President Ramaphosa is struggling to address and fix the consequences of Zuma’s mismanagement”.

Bloem added that Zuma and those who advise him to be this “destructive” must hang their heads in shame for working so hard to collapse the future of the country.

“Some of us warned members of the ANC many years ago at the Polokwane ANC conference not to ever elect Jacob Zuma as the President of the ANC and therefore of the country, because he will destroy both the ANC and the country. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to listen”.

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