“ANC Councillor arrested for stealing 36 sheep should resign”

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) in North West calls for the resignation of the Councillor of Ward 16 in Ditsobotla Sibusiso Thamaga who has been arrested for alleged stock theft. It is claimed the councillor stole some 36 sheep.

F4DS North West Secretary  Lenyatso Legabe said the Forum is not surprised that the recently elected ANC deployee turns out to be a thief. “This is so on brand, its typical ANC. Councilor Thamaga is not an exception but the standard of the type of people the ANC offers as public representatives, thieves and other characters of questionable reputations”.

Legabe called on Thamaga to resign from the position so that residents can get an opportunity to elect someone else and hopefully “this time around the corrupt ANC will not win the seat”. The Secretary said he expected the ANC to try and protect Thamaga instead of making him account.

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