The ANC should prioritize school safety as a matter of urgency-Education Activist

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Education activist Hendrick Makaneta has called on the ANC to reflect on the broader challenges faced by township and rural schools and to take a resolution to prioritize school safety as a matter of urgency.  “ There is no doubt that our country has lost teachers and learners on school premises. Although private schools seem to be doing fine on safety, it’s clear that public schools still have a long way to go in addressing the issue of safety”.

Makaneta said whilst they applaud the government for conducting summits on school safety, it should be very clear at this point that school violence continues to be part of some of our schools. “It is true that the majority of schools are functioning properly. However, we need to tackle the demon of school violence in those few schools. It cannot be correct that in some of the schools’ teachers and learners have to be subjected to fear due to gangs in schools and communities”.

In recent months, there were reports about stabbings in Gauteng schools.

He added that there is a growing consensus that government alone will not be able to resolve the issue of safety in schools and that society should get involved. “Therefore the ANC as a leader of society should find a way to help address these issues to create a conducive environment for learning and teaching”.

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