Robbery at President Ramaphosa’s farm remains a serious concern

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The expectations of almost all political parties in Parliament and the people of the country on the tabling of the three-person panel on 30 November 2022 which must decide if President Ramaphosa has anything to answer on the Phala Phala farm robbery that took place in 2020 is very high.

COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem said it is very unfortunate that some political parties are even jumping the gun and threatening to go to court if the report of the panel is negative and find that President Ramaphosa has nothing to answer. “We view such threats as irresponsible and undemocratic. All of us must respect the outcome of the report, positive or negative”.

Bloem added that Congress COPE does not doubt the integrity, credibility, and credentials of the independent three person’s panel. they are highly respected members of society. We believe that they will compile and table a credible report.

“We want to express a serious concern, that the Phala Phala robbery at President Ramaphosa’s farm received far more attention from political parties and civil society than the Zondo Commission report, such a crucial Commission that investigated State Capture and Corruption in the country”.

Bloem reiterated that the robbery at Phala Phala President Ramaphosa ‘s farm is very serious and that the criminal justice system needs to speed up the investigation and make their decision public without any further delay.

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