SAMWU furious over comments by CoJ Economic Development to fire all employees

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) Johannesburg says it has learnt with great wrath and anger, a voice recording of the City of Johannesburg MMC for Economic Development, Cllr Nkululelo Mbundu wherein he makes known his feelings and attitude towards workers within the City.

SAMWU Regional Secretary Petrus Mashishi said in the recording which SAMWU is in possession of, Cllr Mbundu is heard saying that when the DA-led administration was temporarily removed from office, workers went to the new administration to inform them of the things that the DA-led multiparty government was doing. “According to Cllr Mbundu, these workers were “buying face” of the new administration by speaking out against the shenanigans that happened under the administration which he was part of”.

Mashishi added that to make matters worse, Cllr Mbundu further alleges that workers are only there to serve the interests of the ANC. “We need not remind Cllr Mbundu and his colleagues within the Executive that, before we are municipal workers, we are community members”.

Mashishi further said for SAMWU, the comments by Cllr Mbundu have eroded decades of work that created sound labour relations in the workplace. “There is not a single worker in the City who would look at Mbundu with respect, already workers have been labelled enemies of the City and they would therefore have to act in the manner in which enemies do, they fight”.

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