A 24-year-old who allegedly killed a nurse abandons bail

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The Schweizer Reneke Magistrates’ Court postponed the case against 24-year-old Bongane Gregory Shebi, to 25 November 2022, for further investigations, after he abandoned his bail application. Shebi is charged with the alleged murder of a nurse, Iris Mamotlakana Mohokare, at her rented home in Ipeleng township, on 12 October 2022.

Her bloodied body was discovered by her landlord on 13 October 2022, with her throat cut. She subsequently informed the police, who immediately started investigating.

North West NPA spokesperson Henry Mamothame said the accused became a person of interest, after police received information while doing investigations, that the accused was spotted not far from where the incident took place, walking with bloodied clothes.

“According to police reports, the accused alleges he was in the company of another person, but the motive only became clear in the accused person’s confession, that he and another person intended to rob the deceased”.

He further alleges he is not the one who stabbed the deceased, but it was the person whom he was with. Police have indicated that evidence that was obtained at the scene, indicates that only one person was at the scene at the time of the commissioning of this offence. Police investigations on the matter are continuing, while the accused will remain in custody until the matter is concluded.

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