Cele should take responsibility for 83 murders in one week–Action Society

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“We put the 83 people murdered in one week in the Western Cape squarely in front of Minister of Police Bheki Cele’s door,” said Ian Cameron, director of community safety at Action Society. Cameron said it is atrocious and another proof of Cele’s failure to lead the Police Department in preventing crime.

Minister Cele announced the shocking Western Cape crime statistics this week. Most of these murders are gang-related.  “Gang violence has been a huge problem in the Western Cape for decades,” Cameron said.

He further added that there should have been an effective strategy to prevent gangsterism and the crime that goes with it years ago. “Unfortunately, the imbizos Cele is so fond of do not equate strategies to eradicate and prevent crime.”

“These statistics are an acknowledgement of incompetence and proof that Cele’s refusal to devolve powers to provincial governments is wrong and very costly,” Cameron concluded.

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