A Former nurse blesses learners with sanitary towels in her community to restore their dignity

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Thomo Nkgadima |

A 35-year-old Lonia Masemola, 35, reached out to hundreds of learners. Learners from Letebele Marishane Secondary school were over the moon after they received sanitary towels donated by former learner. A generous former learner of Ga-Marishane village outside a small developing town of Jane Furse in Limpopo visited Letebele Marishane Secondary school where she donated packs of sanitary towels.

Masemola said she decided to do something about those who debunk classes or skip lessons because most families are without income and survive on social grant. Masemola who also comes from a not well-to-do family feels and can relate well with what most pupils were going through. She started to cry when she related her previous experience.

She started her campaign which seek to help give hope and restore dignity to learners from the poor family background by donating sanitary towels.

She is collecting sanitary towels and donating to destitute learners to boost confidence and self-esteem and help to reduce absenteeism with the aim to improve matric results.

“I have realised that girl child end up not attending school for no good reason other than they were on menstruation periods”.

Masemola is urging support from those who have deep pockets, parents, business owners and generous friends as many are keen to be part of her campaign to change the lives of children from poor families. She said she is boosting self-confidence among learners from deep rural villages and preventing absenteeism.

She told boy children to stop bullying and stigmatising girl child when they are in menstruation. “It is not a taboo, stop thinking they were sleeping with boys when they are menstruating. It is natural for girl child as they develop and grow to be on menstruation as they are now becoming ready to be mothers”.

During her visit to the school, her former teacher praised her for being a real woman of virtue for her courage and fearless character displayed.

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