Marikana massacre remains a painful chapter

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The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in the North West Province on Monday decried the slow pace towards reconciliation post the Marikana Massacre. The civic organisation maintained that the Marikana Massacre remains a painful chapter in the history of South Africa’s young democracy.

Today, 16 August marks 10 years since police opened fire on striking miners in Marikana in the North West. A total of 44 miners were killed and almost 80 sustained serious injuries

SANCO Provincial Chairperson, Paul Sebegoe said delayed justice and political opportunism have deferred reconciliation and healing necessary for families that lost their loved ones to find closure

Sebegoe expressed disappointment that the tragic incident is continuously being used for political opportunism instead of meaningful dialogue that will lead towards reconciliation, social cohesion and nation-building.

“Exploiting the massacre for political expediency has compromised and delayed the healing process,” he stressed.

Sebegoe further said those that are rekindling the anger of miners as well as deepening the pain of the Marikana widows and orphans are failing to change the narrative towards a development agenda in honour of the 44 miners who lost their lives and other victims whose lives were impacted by the tragic incident.

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