Rhino poaching remains a concern in South Africa

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The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Barbara Creecy says the recent trends in rhino poaching show a move away from the Kruger Park to private reserves and KwaZulu-Natal where the majority of rhinos have been killed this year. The number of rhinos poached between January and June 2022 is 10 more than the 249 poached countrywide in the first six months of 2021. From January to the end of June 2022, 82 rhinos were poached for their horns in the Kruger National Park. 

Creecy added that 2022 Poaching statistics show a loss of 210 rhinos on state properties and 49 in privately-owned parks. “Hardest hit during this period is KwaZulu-Natal which recorded a loss of 133 rhino. This is more than triple the 33 rhino killed in the first six months of 2021”.

To mark World Ranger Day, Minister Creecy last week paid special tribute to field and game rangers working in conservation areas countrywide for their continued commitment to protecting South Africa’s iconic species from poaching.

“Our rangers need all the support we can provide them.  These are men and women who, despite numerous challenges, remain committed to the task at hand despite not knowing what a day will bring,” said the Minister.

Between January and June, 69 people were arrested in connection with rhino poaching and rhino horn trafficking.  Of these, 13 alleged poachers were arrested in the Kruger National Park.

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