SARS sets the record straight about Commissioner and Ramaphosa

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) says it has noted the recent allegation made in the press and social media that the Commissioner for SARS is a director of a company owned by President Ramaphosa. It is insinuated that SARS has therefore remained silent about the tax matters of President Ramaphosa. It is further alleged that the Commissioner received a call from President Ramaphosa to assist and, according to a source, the Commissioner denied the request.

“Commissioner Kieswetter is not and never was a director of any company owned by Ramaphosa. When he became Commissioner in May 2019, Kieswetter, in keeping with good governance as well as the relevant policies, resigned from all his directorships”.

In a statement, SARS reiterated that the recent allegations are therefore not only incorrect but also mischievous in trying to link fake news about the Commissioner’s alleged directorship to SARS’s obligation to maintain taxpayer confidentiality.

“The Commissioner did not receive a call from President Ramaphosa as alleged. Moreover, the Commissioner does not involve himself in or deal with any taxpayer matters personally”.

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