“Solutions to cut more than R6 on levy from a litre of petrol”

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) activists on Wednesday got together on street corners across Cape Town, picketing against the ANC government’s unreasonably high fuel prices.

Joining DA activists in Parow, DA Provincial Leader, Tertuis Simmers said “we will not let this go. Simmers said they simply cannot pay this absurd amount of almost R25 per litre for fuel. Adding that the ANC government is driving South Africans deeper and deeper into poverty.”

“We are standing here this morning and raising our voices in support of poor communities. The ANC has forgotten about the poor. From stashing millions of dollars under matrasses in their mansions, to taxing our people into poverty, the ANC simply does not care about the people of our country anymore”.

Simmers added that as a caring party, the DA will continue to pressure the ANC, forcing them to slash their heartless policies that are crippling South Africans.”Parliament has agreed to urgently debate the DA’s demand for the ANC government to slash fuel prices, by cutting the 33% tax on fuel”.

Simmers added that they will use this debate in Parliament, on Wednesday next week, to formally table their workable, “and practical solutions which will cut more than R6 on levies from every litre of fuel”.

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