GIWUSA calling on the working class to reject petrol price increase

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The General Industries Workers Union of SA (GIWUSA) says it has noted with extreme concern of yet more fuel price hikes. These come on the back of increases in the fuel prices in the last months.

Despite measures to offset massive increases in the price of Brent crude oil, from $104,78 to $115 per barrel, the country is facing a huge price hike of R2, 43 and R2,33 per litre of 93 and 95 unleaded petrol, R1,10 for Diesel and R1,56 for illuminating paraffin. For the motorists inland the price of petrol will now reach an unprecedented R23, 94 from R21, 51 per litre of 93 unleaded, and R24, 17 from R21, 84 per litre of 95 unleaded.

GIWUSA President Mametlwe Sebei said they are calling on the working class to reject these increases in the cost of energy as attacks on the already miserable quality of life. “We say the rich must pay- government should permanently cancel levies on the fuel for the working-class- public transport, etc, and to find ways of levying big business and the rich to subsidise the poor”.

Sebei said they are further calling on the organised labour, community civics, and climate justice movements amongst others to unite in opposition against this “onslaught” and use the current SAFTU application to NEDLAC to call for a United Working-Class Action against Eskom tariffs and fuel price increases and to launch campaigns to #StopEnergyPricesIncreases for a sustained campaign of rolling mass actions.

GIWUSA is making an urgent call for a National Day of Action against energy price increases, and rising cost of living. “GIWUSA leadership will be holding its National Office Bearers meeting on Friday, 3 June 2022, to consider all options available and make announcements of planned actions in days to come”.

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