#NOTINMYNAME supports Ria Ledwaba for SAFA presidency

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Not In My Name International in its capacity as a leader of a coalition of civil society organization’s representing over 24 organizations has taken a conscious decision to publicly endorse and support Mme Ria Ledwaba’s candidacy for SAFA President.

#NOTINMYNAME Secretary-General Themba Masango said last week in their press briefing at the Nelson Mandela Foundation head quarters, they outlined that, as stakeholders of the sporting fraternity it is their duty and responsibility to celebrate women in leadership and in particular Mme Ria Ledwaba whom they believe is the right candidate to take over the broken institution called SAFA and put it back on track.

“We are exhausted by the fruitless exercise of standing by the sidelines as mere spectators on issues concerning the future of the beautiful game in South Africa. We are this morning registering our collective civil society voice to the general public discourse on the future of South African football.”

Masango said the SAFA administration can never be for the public benefit if it does not include the participation of the public. “We are the public – and as the public, we are saying that we have noted with excitement the nomination of Mrs Ria Ledwaba as the next President of SAFA, and we are fully behind her”. He concluded by saying SAFA needs a change and Ledwaba is the candidate to bring that change.

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