Drunk Drivers arrested in Polokwane


Tebogo Msimanga |

Eleven motorists were arrested for drunk driving in Polokwane on Saturday during sting operations. Sixty-Seven drivers were taken to the traffic alcohol screening evidence centre in Polokwane and 11 were found to be over the accepted limit. The highest reading was 0,78 mg/l.

Meanwhile, the number of fatalities reported since the start of the long weekend has risen to 11 from 34 reported crashes.

Mike Maringa of Limpopo Department of Transport said the number is lower as compared to the previous year where 18 people were reported dead from 45 serious crashes. “Speeding and reckless driving have been cited as a common cause for most of the recent crashes reported between Thursday and Saturday.”

Maringa added that alcohol and fatigue cannot be ruled out as the underlying causes because motorists lost control of their vehicles and overturned them.

Limpopo Transport and Community Safety MEC, Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya has warned motorists to be cautious when driving on wet roads due to rain. Motorists are urged to reduce speed.

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