Health departments in the country on the verge of collapse: Bloem

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“It is quite clear that the Health Department in the country is on the verge of collapse. All health facilities nationally are struggling to execute their Constitutional mandate of servicing patients.” These are the sentiments of COPE National Spokesperson Dennis Bloem.

Bloem said there is a shortage of medicine at almost all hospitals and clinics. “In some cases, there are no medicines for weeks. When one talks to doctors and nurses at these health facilities, hospitals and clinics, they say they are stressed, exhausted and are looking for help, because they want to treat their patients but they cannot because of a lack of medicines.”

Bloem further said almost all health facilities are having a serious shortage of staff and an added problem is overcrowding. “It will not help the situation if the Government keeps on denying that there is a problem. As Congress of the People (COPE) we believe that the solution to this problem is that President Cyril Ramaphosa places Health Department under Administration.”

He said they are calling upon President Ramaphosa to urgently intervene.

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