DA’s motion of no confidence in Minister Mthethwa

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Parliament will debate and vote on a Democratic Alliance(DA) sponsored Motion of No Confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet on Wednesday the 30th of March. The DA believes that since this Cabinet has collectively failed to fulfil their duties, they must go.

DA Deputy Shadow Minister for Sports, Arts and Culture Veronica Van Dyk said South Africans have become accustomed to Ministers who do not understand the responsibilities, duties and mandates of their respective departments. “One such person is the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa. Few people can contest that Mthethwa is as out of depth in his current Ministry, as he was as the Minister of Police.”

Van Dyk said after the Marikana massacre, Mthethwa should never have been appointed as a Minister of anything. “Failure in one field is rewarded with a position in another, as is customary with the ANC.”

Van Dyk added that under Mthethwa’s watch, the arts and culture industry was one of the hardest-hit industries in South Africa with very little support. “Those in arts and culture struggled day to day to survive under the unfair and illogical lockdown conditions and continue to struggle today.”

She further said South Africa cannot continue to suffer under Mthethwa’s incompetence and complete disregard for the wellbeing of ordinary citizens of South Africa. “He must be removed immediately.”

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