DA launches petition regarding SA’s complicit stance on Russia

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has launched a petition for the South African government to take a decisive stand on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The opposition party said since the invasion, 10 days ago, the ANC government has flip-flopped on its stance multiple times.

DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Darren Bergman said the government didn’t want to take a stand, then the Department for International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) rightly condemned the invasion, after which President Cyril Ramahposa lambasted DIRCO Minister Naledi Pandor’s unmeasured stance.

“South Africa abstained from the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s vote to condemn the invasion.In the face of such an overwhelming atrocity, South Africa cannot stand idly by while its comrade ravishes a neighbouring country. Historic loyalty does not trump declarations of war.”

Bergman added that the ANC government must use BRICS-connection and council moderation and peace to the Russian government. “Government must also ensure that Russia is held accountable to the Geneva convention and international law and ensure that Russia does not use any weaponry that violates the Lieber Code”.

Bergman reiterated that unless South Africa does all it can to condemn the invasion and urge Russia to withdraw, it will be complicit in this needless war and have the blood of multitudes on its hands.

“Let’s be clear, the Russian invasion of Ukraine cannot go unchallenged. And the ANC government cannot try to maintain a neutral position. There will be no neutrality in this war”.

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