MEC Mohono encourages North West farmers to apply for Hemp permits

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The North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (NWDARD) MEC Desbo Mohono is calling for local farmers and manufacturers to apply for permits to participate in the Hemp Industry. The process of applications is open to all interest groups and individuals. Application forms can be accessed through the National Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development website:

The Hemp Permit process follows the Cabinet decision taken in 2019 to have a plan for industrialisation and commercialisation of Cannabis in order to increase economic growth, create jobs and poverty alleviation. This decision was trailed by an establishment of a committee to guide the development of the Cannabis Masterplan.  Although the Masterplan is still in process, the industrialization of Hemp has been identified as a low hanging fruit in terms of the establishment of the Cannabis industry in the country.

MEC Mohono is encouraging farmers to seize the opportunity and apply for hemp permits to reap economic opportunities in the industry.

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