DA rejects RAF’s attempts to hide audit report

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The Democratic Alliance(DA) says it has noted the Road Accident Fund’s (RAF) attempt to block the Auditor-General of South Africa (AG) Tsakani Maluleke from making its annual audit report public.

The RAF filed an urgent application with the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to stop the AG from releasing its report and tabling it in Parliament.

DA Shadow Minister of Transport Chris Hunsinger said not only does the RAF want the AG to pay for all costs should they oppose this ‘ridiculous’ application, it also wants the application to set aside the findings of the report to be heard at a later date.

“The RAF seems to be trying to dodge accountability. The Fund knows no end to its financial woes. According to reports, court proceedings revealed the audit’s conclusion that the RAF’s liabilities exceeded R361 billion. The RAF’s contention that their liabilities are merely R30 billion does not engender trust.”

Hungsinger added that whether it’s R300 billion or R30 billion, the fact remains that the RAF is a sinking ship. “And now it’s attempting to muzzle the AG. What is the Fund trying to hide?”

“Submitting financial statements is a statutory obligation, and the DA will do everything to ensure the release and tabling of the audit report to Parliament.”

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