Chinese Embassy welcomes the registration of Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccine

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The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) has announced the registration, with conditions, of the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine for use in adults within South Africa.

The vaccine is manufactured by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co. Ltd, which is also referred to as the Sinopharm Vaccine of China.

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa welcomes this latest, positive development which paves the way for the Chinese-made vaccine’s use in South Africa.

“We appreciate and honour concerted efforts made by the international community, since major progress has been made in the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic is proving to be a protracted one, resurging with more variants and spreading faster than before. It poses a serious threat to the safety of people around the world.”

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa said it will actively follow through on the solemn commitment of President Xi Jinping in making Chinese Covid-19 vaccines a global public good. “We will continue to fully assist people in South Africa and other African countries in the fight and eventual defeat of the virus.”

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