NUMSA in solidarity with Striking workers at Clover

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The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) says it stands in solidarity with all striking workers at Clover, and they also wish to extend their comradely support to General Industries Workers Union of SA (GIWUSA) and  Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) who are leading this strike.

Workers at Clover have been on strike for 9 weeks now and they are determined to continue until their demands are met.They are on strike to protest against the implementation of restructuring at the company which has resulted in job losses and more are still to come. They are also protesting against shift changes which will worsen the working conditions for workers at Clover.

Clover closed two factories in the Western Cape in 2020 and it intends to close four more factories in Gauteng, Free state and in the North West. In 2021, 1600 workers were retrenched and a further 822 will be retrenched by the end of February this year.

FAWU and GIWUSA argue that Clover has not met its job creation targets. “The competition commission approved the takeover of Clover industries by Milco SA on the condition that they create employment.” Milco is majority-owned by the Central Bottling Company, (CBC) which is an Israeli firm.

On the 25th of January is the national and international day of action where SAFTU is calling on the working class to occupy shops stocking Clover products, and to hold demonstrations at embassies. 

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