ANC Johannesburg ‘sickened’ by the deliberate withholding of democratic process in council

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The African National Congress in Greater Johannesburg says it is utterly sickened at the withholding of democratic process in Council by the Democtarcit Alllicane ( DA), where a commotion ensued as a result of a secret ballot voting process by the Speaker of Council.

Greater Johannesburg Regional Secretary Dada Morero said this is going against the majority by attempting to impose voting by a show of hands, without substantial argument.

ANC Councillors along with other opposition and minority parties requested a secret ballot, a method that was used to elect both the Speaker of Council, the Mayor and Chief Whip.

Morero said the tyranny elements of the Democratic Alliance undermine and brings mockery to the national struggle and seek to deny the residents of Johannesburg service delivery and accountability.

“To this end, the ANC condemns the actions of the Democratic Alliance with absolute contempt and their erosion of capacity at the expense of the residents of Johannesburg.”

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