“The IEC needs to address the ANC and EFF’s alleged contravention of the Political Party Funding Act”

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The Democratic Alliance says it noted the IEC report on donations declared by political parties for 2021 second quarter. The opposition party said it has already engaged the IEC on the inadequacies of the report from the first quarter.

DA Federal Finance Chairperson Dr Dion George said they have raised their concern that there is no report on which parties failed to submit reports and there is no report on zero returns. This needs to be resolved urgently. The report does not achieve its stated objective of ensuring transparency in the funding of political parties.

The ANC has declared a R15 million donation from the Chancellor House Trust. That is their fundraising entity clearly structured to contravene the Act. “ Given the IEC’s abysmal performance in the recent elections, a question must be raised on whether the IEC is acting independently and serving the people and not the ANC.”

George added that the EFF has not made any declaration. “This is clearly in breach of the Political Party Funding Act. They have previously stated that they fund the party with statutory income. If this is true, they are acting illegally given that statutory income cannot be spent on most political activity spending” George further said if the IEC does not up its game on ensuring that it implements the law as enacted, “the DA will seriously consider withholding any future disclosures until the IEC does its job

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