SARS to recover R15 Million debt

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has obtained a civil judgment and right of execution to attach assets from the registered premises of a coal company, Shefa Group, in an effort to recover a tax debt of R15-million.

The tax debt arose because the taxpayer submitted PAYE, VAT, UIF and SDL returns without making any payment, as is required in law, to SARS.

Commissioner Edward Kieswetter said: “SARS is taking a tough stance against companies who deduct taxes from employees and then fail to pay these taxes over to SARS, which is a legal requirement.”

Kieswetter added that these taxes are due to the fiscus and are not there for the company or its directors to obtain any personal or business benefit. “SARS will make it easy for taxpayers to comply, but will also make it hard and costly for non-compliant taxpayers who fail to comply with their obligations.”

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