EFF praises the Police in Nkandla

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commended the South African Police Services ( SAPS) in KwaZulu-Natal who practised discipline and restraint at Nkandla during the demonstrations at the former president Jacob Zuma’s homestead.

Zuma’s supporters gathered outside his home over the weekend. They were showing him support after the Constitutional Court ruled that he should spend 15 months behind bars for contempt of court.

The red beret said despite provocation and calls by bloodthirsty “racist and their agents” on social media, the police handled the situation in a manner that must be applauded, avoiding the loss of life. “It is this calibre of policing that must underpin the attitude of all law enforcement agencies.”

The EFF reiterated that the law does not demand of the police to exercise brutality “rathe police must be strategic and prioritise the lives of people above cheap attempts of proving their strength and authority. The party said the action of the police in Nkandla were decisive, considerate and the nation avoided another Marikna moment.

“Workers were mercilessly killed in Marikana because of egos that wanted to prove a point that they are in charge.”

The EFF further said the police must continue to ignore the desperate demands for black on black violence “and the spilling of blood of black people, by those who seek to suppress the political views of their opponents.

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