Cele applauds the police in speedy arrest in Khayelitsha multiple murders

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Police Minister, General Bheki Cele applauded the Western Cape police in pouncing on those allegedly responsible for the multiple murders in Khayelitsha over the weekend.Nine people were shot and killed at different locations in that township on Saturday. Four others succumbed to the injuries sustained from the shooting incidents in hospital.

Police Ministry Spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said eleven suspects have been detained for their possible involvement in a  series of murders that have left the Khayelitsha community in shock.

“These incidents are believed to be linked to the ongoing crime of extortion that’s plaguing several areas in and around Cape Town. Following the gruesome killings, a 72-hour Activation Plan was then activated for the mobilisation of resources in search of the gunmen.”

Minister Cele has welcomed the multiple arrests saying this would not have been possible if not for the added resources pumped into the Western Cape.

“We believe these arrests will lead us to more answers surrounding the heinous acts linked to extortion and are a major development in our efforts to combat the crime of extortion. We owe it to the consistent and hard work of all those in the multi-disciplinary team that has brought about this breakthrough.” – Cele concluded.

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