North West confirms a case of Swine flu

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The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in North West says there has been a registered outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Wilgeboom in Potchefstroom. The diagnosis was confirmed from tissue samples that were collected from a post mortem that was conducted on the farm by a Private Veterinarian.

In a statement issued on Friday 9 April 2021, the department said initially an action plan that was intended to separate the infected houses from the number of the non-infected houses was designed. The plan had intended to slaughter healthy pigs at an abattoir and de-bone the meat and also heat treat it before it could be used for consumption.

“Before the weekend of the 31st March, the Veterinary authorities received information that the disease had extended into the previously non-infected houses of the farm and mortalities were happening.”

The Department made a commitment to assist with facilitating authorizations that were necessary to avoid pollution and degradation of the environment.The Department facilitated the required permission for the carcasses to be transported to Gauteng. “The Department is maintaining quarantine at the farm as a control measure.”

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