AfriForum wants Cele fired

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Tebogo Msimanga |

The civil rights organisation AfriForum has written to President  Cyril Ramaphosa, calling for the Minister of Police Bheki Cele to vacate his office.

AfriForum is of the opinion that Cele has repeatedly shown through his actions, that he is not fit for such a cardinal role in a country that is paralysed by crime.

AfriForum’s Legal and Risk Manager Marnus Kamfer said the recent disclosure that the internal systems of the South African Police Service (SAPS) that are used to file exhibits and the system on which firearms are issued to members of the police have been non-functional for months, is only one such example.

“The systems were switched off following months of alleged defaulting by the police. Furthermore, the SAPS apparently did not heed court orders and other structures of authority regarding payment for these systems.”

Kamfer added that the fact that these systems are not functioning properly is detrimental to the entire criminal justice system.

“Cele’s bullying attitude when he gets involved in police operations is imitated by many of his subordinates, with the result that the SAPS acts violently towards members of the public for unfounded reasons on a regular basis.”

He added that Cele’s attitude is “careless” and his personal views overshadow his judgment to do his work properly. “The SAPS is crumbling under his leadership”

AfriForum has launched a campaign to canvass the public’s support in putting pressure on the president to dismiss the Minister.

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