Members of the public warned about Criminals impersonating Officers

News South Africa

Tebogo Msimanga|

The Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) has learned that there are two african males, driving a white polo with blue lights, dressed in Metro Police uniform and are pulling victims off the road and then hijack them.

Metro Police Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said most incidents are reported in the Pretoria East.

Mahamba emphasised that those two men are not TMPD officers but criminals impersonating officers.

Mhamba is urging motorists  to be vigilant. “When stopped by a suspicious unmarked vehicle, drive to a safe area or the nearest police station. Motorists have a right to request to see an appointment card from the officer when stopped.”

He added that the Tshwane Metro Police Department is working very hard to apprehend “these criminals”.

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