A toll booth attendant arrested for Fraud

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Tebogo Msimanga |

A 30- year-old suspect toll booth collector at Machado Toll Plaza Mpumalanga, was arrested on Monday for Fraud.

It is alleged that the suspect conspired with someone who provided her with a credit card which she swiped whenever the motorist was making a cash payment for toll fees at the toll gate and she pocketed the cash.

Captain Dineo Sekgotodi said the suspect did not honour the monthly payment for the credit card and the allocated credit got depleted.

“The bank sent notices to the company for non-payment of the credit card which was used at the toll gate. Internal investigation was initiated and it was established that the credit card was used by the suspect and prejudiced the company more than hundreds of thousands of rand.” explained Sekgotodi.

She added that during the investigation, it was established that the co-accused in this matter is an employee of a government institution. “His arrest is imminent.”

The suspect will appear before the Belfast Magistrate Court today.

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