“Our failure to adhere to basic precautions brought us a second wave”

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Tebogo Msimanga |

President Cyril Ramaphosa reiterated that there can no longer be any doubt, the country has entered a second wave of coronavirus infections. Addressing the nation on Monday evening, Ramaphosa said given the rate at which new cases have grown over the last two weeks, there is every possibility that “if we do not act urgently and if we do not act together”, the second wave will be more severe than the first wave.

“Gatherings, especially social gatherings and parties, are the largest source of outbreaks. We no longer see the point of avoiding crowded venues, or standing more than 1.5 metres from each other, or keeping windows open when travelling on public transport or sanitising commonly used places.

 “Yet, it is our failure to closely adhere to all these basic precautions at all times that has brought us to this second wave.”

Ramaphosa said it is worth remembering that during Easter this year, people were able to limit the number of infections because they remained disciplined. “We all observed the restrictions and we all adhered to the basic health measures.”

President added that South Africa has concluded all the necessary processes to ensure its participation in the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Global Vaccine Access Facility.

This facility – known as COVAX – pools resources and shares vaccine development risk to ensure equitable access to vaccines when they become available.

“As part of this facility, it is expected that South Africa will receive initial vaccines to cover 10% of our population in the early part of next year.” Concluded Ramaphosa.

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