Manganese Mining to operate soon

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Bongani Zitha |

A new manganese asset is set to be located near the Northern Cape in the town of Hotazel. The town has been granted mining rights and a water use license.  Mining operations are about to kick start soon. Manganese is mostly used in steel manufacturing.

The project is at a cost of 250 million and it was granted environmental authorities in February 2019. Mining rights were granted in August of 2019 and a water use license followed in September of the same year.

Sitatunga Resources whose major share holder is Investment Company took acquisition of Manganese in 2018.

East manganese is going to be an open cast mine with a 14 hectares mining pit which has been allocated on a small portion, 50-hectare of the  total 1000 hectare mining right area. The remaining unused area will be set aside for cattle and game farming by a local farmer.

Menar Managing Director, Vuslat Bayoglu said “The mine’s recruitment process is being undertaken in conjunction with Joe Morolong local municipality through it’s economic development (LED) forum. Bayoglu stated that 700-800 people will benefit from this project.

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