Mkhize denies receiving payments

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Tebogo Msimanga |

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has denied that he accepted payments from a business man Edwin Sodi. Mkhize said R 8 million from Sodi was a donation for the African National (ANC). Minister said when he took over as the Treasure General ,Sodi’s contacts were available in the ANC Donors database as one of the people who had previously donated to the ANC. “This database was compiled and kept by the finance office through various public fundraising events that the ANC held. That is how we would contact people or companies and invite them to our events.”

The Democratic Alliance said it will report Mkhize to parliament because of these donations made to the ANC.

In response to this, Mkhize said “ I was not a Member of Parliament and in any event did not benefit directly from these donations from Mr Sodi. Therefore there is no parliamentary requirement for me to declare all the donations that were received by the ANC during my tenure as Treasure General.”

Mkhize reiterated that a legal process should be allowed to run its course

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