SACP Limpopo Want Cuban Doctors Honoured with Nobel Peace Prize

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Hlokomelo Mabogale |

The South African Communist Party in Limpopo  (SACP) stated that it will actively campaign for the Cuban doctors serving humanity at this difficult time of COVID-19 in South Africa to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The country required help from Cuban doctors in fighting against the Covid-19. The 187 doctors are costing South African government R239-million.They will be in the country until April 2021.

Limpopo received 13 doctors and are being orientated at the Zanami Lodge in Polokwane with a cost of R252 000 to the provincial government.

Despite that, SACP in the province said it will work closely with other progressive forces such as Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) in regard to Nobel Peace Prize to the doctors. “This would be a demonstration of a progressive step by humanity during this difficult and trying times of the pandemic.” Said SACP.

The Communists further appreciated the efforts made by the frontline workers in dealing with Covid-19 in the province.  “We particularly send our appreciation to the frontline workers who risked their lives under trying conditions to help fight the pandemic. We commend them for their commitment and selfless dedication to the service of the people in the province.”

Meanwhile, SACP said it is “concerned and disappointed” by the job losses as a consequence of the Covid-19 lockdowns. It said it will work closely with government to prioritise economic recovery and job creation.

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