Zondo orders Zuma to return to commission

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Hlokomelo Mabogale |

The Zondo State Capture Commission of Inquiry chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo on Monday gave former President Jacob Zuma a new date to appear before the Commission.

Initially, Zondo said Zuma was scheduled to make an appearance this comin Before the Commission would start this morning, Zondo addressed Zuma’s appearance.

“I just to deal with a matter that has quite correctly attracted the attention of the public and the media a lot. Previously I determined that today up to Friday would be the week when the former President, Mr Jacob Zuma, would appear before this commission,” said Zondo.

However, he said Zuma’s legal team notified the Commission that he will not avail himself due to preparation for criminal trial.

Zondo said Zuma’s attorneys gave reasons which include : preparing for his criminal trial. His doctors advised him to limit his movements because of his age and COVID-19 restrictions. He was seeking legal advice on the implications of recent changes to Commission’ regulations.

Zuma will appear at Zondo Commission on the 16th to 20th  November 2020. Zondo reiterated that there wont be any negotiations with Zuma and his lawyers.

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