“Cosatu Is Right, Mathabatha Should Leave” Mogalakwena Residents

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Hlokomelo Mabogale

Just after the ANC Limpopo under its Secretary Soviet Lekganyane released a statement on Sunday showing support to the Premier Stan Mathabatha, Mogalakwena residents are saying he should leave the office.

In a joint statement, Mogalakwena Concerned and Affected Communities (MCAC), Mokopane Task Team(MTT) and South African National Civic Organization(SANCO) said they agree with the view of Cosatu in Limpopo that Mathabatha has “outsourced his leadership and decision.”

“It is known that in his term as a premier, Mogalakwena Municipality has gone from bad to worse in terms of accountability and service delivery.” Statement read.

Furthermore, “the premier wants the people of Mogalakwena to believe his fallacy that he has been consistently acting against corruption when he cited the removal of 22 councils in the previous council.”

The calls for Mathabatha to step down has been growing because “he is soft” on corruption in the province. “We will rally behind COSATU or any other voice that calls for the removal of Stan Mathbatha as a Premier as his leadership has become a breeding ground for corruption and ineffectiveness”

it is alleged that some councillors are doing business with Mogalakwena municipality  and Mathabatha is ‘silent’ about it.

The three organisations said to resolve this  “Our justifiable call is for Mogalakwena Municipality to be placed under section 139 1 C, where the council is dissolved and an administrator preside all matters concerning the municipality “

They vowed that they will remain united and unshaken on the common course of restoring Mogalakwena Municipality to its former glory.

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