Moderate growth in poultry production

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Bongani Zitha |

The local poultry production has shown significant growth in production even during the tough effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Production in the poultry sector has seen a 5% increase during the past 8 months of this year.  This increase is much greater than the measurement of last year’s comparison. These findings were outlined by the South African Poultry Association at the second Poultry Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) meeting which was held virtually as per lock-down alert level 2 regulations.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Ebrahim Patel and the Minister of Agriculture, Land and Rural development, Thoko Didiza were the co-chairs of the EOC meeting.

Producers in the poultry sector have pledged to invest R1, 7billion for the expansion and improvement of production capacity within the sector.  There are investment projects that have been completed and 428 jobs have also been created.

A financing model for farming contractors has been developed to help producers assess their business’s profitability and viability.

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