North West Church Leaders calls for Corruption to be exposed

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Tebogo Msimanga|

Over the past weeks, South Africans have heard of a growing number of reports of corruption related to Covid 19 expenditure.

Mahikeng Ministers Fellowship (MMF) in the North West on Wednesday called for people with unquestionable integrity to deal with allegations of corruption linked to COVID-19 spending, which it said ,is eroding confidence in public institutions and their ability to mitigate the effect of the global pandemic.

In a statement, the chairperson of the interdenominational five-fold ministries association, Moss Tlalang said that the oath of office undertaken by elected public representatives and office bearers including the public service pledge of allegiance must incorporate the resolve to expose and root out corruption.

“Beyond public condemnation and expressing shock about alleged wrongdoings, the church must reclaim its prophetic voice to mobilise for active citizenry against the twin demons of greed and corruption that are deepening poverty, unemployment and inequality,” highlighted the Chairperson of the interdenominational five-fold ministries association” highlighted Tlalang.

He added that the the church’s advocacy against corruption will only be taken seriously if it starts refusing to receive tithes and offerings from the known corrupt and distances itself from such characters.

MMF has committed itself to a stronger partnership as well as collaborative activism against corruption.

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