Herman Mashaba launches a political party

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Tebogo Msimanga

A new political party, ActionSA, was launched on Saturday. Herman Mashaba, leader of the party said 26 years into democracy, South Africans are suffering. He said his party is ready to take action and take back the future of this country.

Mashaba highlighted that political parties want to divide ActionSA because he said, “they are threatened by the positive change that we threaten to bring”.He reiterated that BBBEE has not served anyone but the wealthy and politically connected .

“We will invest heavily in universities, FET, nursing and teachers’ colleges as well as vocational schools so that every young South African has access to a set of skills that they can put to use in improving their lives”

ActionSA leader said South Africa has degenerated into a society where law-abiding citizens live in fear while the corrupt and the violent fear nothing.

Mashaba made it crystal clear that he stand against xenophobia and there is no place for this or any type of hatred in their party or in South Africa. “When people enter South Africa they must meet two very reasonable requirements. Firstly, they must enter our country legally and, secondly, they must obey our laws once here.”

Mashaba said ActionSA won’t be an opposition party, noting that South Africa has a lot those.”The opposition has failed in South Africa because they lack broad appeal and they do not offer a viable prospect of unseating the ANC. We will change this.” Concluded Mashaba.

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