Happy women’s day


Today is dedicated to you. On the 9th of August 1956 the apartheid regime was faced with unprecedented movement led by the likes of Albertina Sisulu, Lillina Ngoyi. They looked straight into the eye of an oppressor (dominated by men) said ‘Enough is Enough’. And yes, enough was enough. As you are in democratic state in which you played a huge role for it (freedom) to be won, you are now faced by a force in the form of men.

As men, we have turned to be your worst enemy. We can be your brothers, lovers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers etc but we are the ones who are reducing your population everyday. This is not on. Gender based violence must not be tolerated in anyway.

Your love and your agreement to be with us (men) should be a call for celebration and not to cause you pain.

Thank you for Turning our houses into homes, for raising our kids and for being our support system.  You are loved and appreciated.

Happy Women’s Day!

Hlokomelo Mabogale

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